Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Timesaver Tuesday: Prepare Ahead Meals - Busy Mom's Cookbook

Today I want to share with you a website that has made meal times a little easier around our house, and has definitely saved us time. I would love to eventually try to do once a month cooking in order to save money and time throughout each week. But, I just can't get it together to cook for a whole afternoon or day! However, I did want to find something that was easy to prepare ahead of time (but didn't require cooking all afternoon!), freeze, and throw in a pan to cook when needed. In searching, I came across the Busy Mom's Cookbook blog. She has GREAT recipes for everyday use, but I also found some awesome Dump Chicken recipes. Twenty one recipes to be exact! The ingredients for the dump chicken recipes are designed to be dumped (hence, the name) into a ziploc bag, frozen, and cooked when your ready. We have tried several of the recipes and have found them to be quite tasty, and super easy! To fix 4 or 5 bags of chicken takes maybe 10 minutes. Our favorites are the Chili Maple Glazed chicken and Honey Sesame chicken. We usually bake them in the oven per the instructions from the site, but you can also use your crockpot or grill. This has saved us so much time in preparing meals each night, and also cleanup. One of these chicken dishes only dirties up whatever you cook it in. You don't have to get out any ingredients, mixing bowls, etc. We love 'em! We've even tried them with pork instead of chicken also! They're great, but if you are looking for something else, Busy Mom's Cookbook has TONS of other recipes designed with busy moms in mind. The dump chicken recipes are just one of the many, many blog posts on her site. I'd love to hear your tips for saving time in the kitchen!

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  1. Oh! Awesome, thanks for sharing! Now, how long/what setting do you put them in the crockpot for? Do you need to add anything? Water? I'm a crockpot newbie but have just gone back to work after mat leave and want to start putting it on in the am when I leave. Thanks!!
    Shannon (sralphy at gmail dot com)