Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quick, Healthy, TASTY Meals to Go: GoPicnic Review

When I stumbled upon GoPicnic I immediately thought they had a great idea. Everybody has had a need for an easy, quick meal that needs no heating or refrigeration. Luckily for us, that is exactly why GoPicnic is here! They offer pre-packaged, instant, balanced meals for everyone, including kids! GoPicnic uses all natural products, many of them organic, and includes meal choices that are appropriate for any special diet. This includes gluten-free, vegan, kosher, etc. They offer meals for everyone, but I was particularly interested in the MightyMunch Kids Meals, which are all guaranteed to have NO NUTS! From the GoPicnic website:

"MightyMunch meals are packed with fun, tasty, kid-tested foods that are nutritious AND delicious! Each meal is balanced to limit overall fat, saturated fat and sugar content, and contains protein, grains & fruit as well as a sweet treat and a fun surprise. Natural ingredients are at the core of MightyMunch meals – our food contains no trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial flavors or artificial colors. MightyMunch meals also have no peanut or tree nut ingredients. Each food item is individually packaged and needs no refrigeration or heating – that means you can eat MightyMunch meals anytime, anywhere!"

They truly are DELICIOUS too! We were given three of the kids' meals to try: SafariMunch, GalaxyMunch, and ExploreMunch. All three of the meals had plenty of things my toddler would, and did, eat! She loved most all of the items in the meals as well. I appreciated that everything was individually wrapped so we didn't have to worry about eating everything all at one time. It took two or three days for EG to eat all that was provided in ONE meal. We divided it up for lunch AND snacks and there was plenty for her! For an older child, there would have been more than enough for a great lunch! I can't pick a favorite meal because they all had items EG loved. I especially liked the fact that the meals had "different" foods that EG had never tried before, but really enjoyed. Her favorites were the Mrs. Mays sunflower seed crunch (in the SafariMunch and ExploreMunch) and Sensible Portions apple cinnamon multigrain crisps (and the cheese of course, but that's an old fave!).

GoPicnic meals will definitely be a stocked item in my house as the weather starts getting nicer and we begin taking our meals on the go more (i.e. the park, hiking, etc.). They would also be great to keep on hand for those days you don't have time to pack a lunch, to take on the road for vacations, or even every day lunches (especially for those who require special diets). They are reasonably priced between four and six dollars for most of them. GoPicnic also has certain meals on sale each day, and the choices rotate often. Try them for yourself and let me know how you like them! With all of the choices they offer, there is sure to be one you'll love!


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