Friday, July 31, 2009

Transform Your Space with Beautiful Expressions from Uppercase Living {Review and Giveaway} **CLOSED**

Congratulations to the winner, Xenia!

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Does your living room need a makeover? Or dining room, or any other room in your house for that matter? Then I have just the product you are waiting for! Quickly and easily add warmth and personality to any room in your home with a beautiful expression from Uppercase Living. Uppercase Living has hundreds of different wall art decals, called expressions, that can be easily applied to just about any surface. Expressions range from about 20 to 50 dollars and include everything from popular quotes, colorful graphics, and even custom designs. You can't do a room makeover any cheaper than that! And, honestly, these expressions will truly give any room a beautiful facelift. All expressions are thoughtfully designed by Uppercase Living to incorporate many different aspects of beautiful design. Thus, when I was contacted about a review of Uppercase Living expressions I was definitely excited. I had heard of the company but had not tried any of their beautiful products. I have always loved personal touches in a home like a favorite quote, walls of family pictures, etc. and I feel like the Uppercase Living expressions add that "homey" touch as well. I am a fan of wall decals for their affordability and ability to transform a space without a lot of effort, time, or money. And I was so thrilled to try out some "grown up" decals.
We received these adorable flower two-part decals (meaning there are two separate sets of decals you have to apply separately that, put together, make the complete expression) to try out. These were actually fabulous ones to review as we are in the process of transforming our current office into a playroom and it is such a fun design. The hot pink flowers with their skinny brown stems were a perfect way to liven up EG's new playroom! It also just so happened that they were the perfect size to fit between the doorway and closet, and I think the finished product looks awesome!

My biggest worry before actually applying Uppercase Living's somewhat "permanent" decals (not really permanent because they are removable - yay!! - but they cannot be reused) was making sure they were straight and applied correctly. Luckily, the included instructions were very easy to follow and everything went on pretty smoothly. Each decal comes with arrows to help you center and use to measure. The directions are very clear and even give you extra tips if you run into a common snag (i.e. difficulty getting the decal to release from the paper). They also come with their own application tool to help you smooth out and make sure all of the expression applies correctly. After getting ready to apply the decal it turned out that even more stressful than applying the expression was getting it to release from the backing so I actually could apply it. It took a lot of patience, but it was so worth it and everything turned out beautiful!! As I stated above, the flowers were a two-step expression and Uppercase Living made it super easy to line everything up correctly. Both pieces have identical markings and, after you apply the first one, you simply line up the markings on the second decal over the first ones and everything lines up. After both decals are applied you can peel off the "markers" and have only your beautiful expression left on the wall. It turned out so nicely and I can't wait to try out more of them! I will definitely be ordering from Uppercase Living in the future and have already picked out many more expressions I love from their idea catalog.

Want to find one you can't live without? Then visit the Uppercase Living website and look through the beautiful expressions in the idea catalog. Most can be ordered in a multitude of colors, and there is an expression for everyone! Find one you love and see details below on how you can WIN the expression of your choice!

To enter this giveaway follow the rules and entry guidelines below (US and CANADA ONLY):

1. REQUIRED: Visit Uppercase Living, pick out your favorite expression(s), then leave a comment telling me your favorite expression AND where you will use it.

To earn extra entries you may do one or more of the following and leave me additional comment here telling me which you have done:

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Planning a Disney Vacation? Love everything Disney? Then Stick Around for Disney Delights! BIGGEST Event Yet!

My family is taking our first Disney vacation in October! Woohoo! And, in honor of this vacation, I set out to find the most unique, fun, beautiful, essential, and awesome Disney inspired accessories, clothing, and items. If you love everything Disney then this is the event for you! There is nearly an item for every day of the month including adorable Disney wear, character inspired clothing, beautiful bows, autograph books, scrapbooks, bedding, safety items and more! I set out to find items that were truly unique and captured the authentic "magic" that is Disney. I hope that you will come back often and see what's new. There will also be other fun stuff for those of you who could pass on the Disney stuff :) And, many of the "Disney" items are not in fact Disney at all, but I have found them to be awesome for any vacation...including Disney!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the new button (left sidebar) and spread some Disney magic by spreading the word! The "Disney Delights" button on your site will also get you 2 extra entries in any giveaway.

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Mommy Works Blog on Facebook! {Become a Fan for Extra Giveaway Entries!}

Mommy Works Blog has finally arrived on Facebook! Become a fan by clicking the link on the left sidebar (or click here) and be the first to know about everything happening here at Mommy Works. Also, if you become a fan it will be good for *2* extra entries into any become a fan and leave those extra comments! I look forward to connecting with all of you :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unique Children's Lovables, Huggables, and Wearables from babybeenos {Review and Giveaway} **CLOSED**

Congratulations to the winner, ReggieMann!

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**Edited to open giveaway to Canada also!!**

I love, love, love "traditional" children's clothing styles and fabrics. There is absolutely no doubt about that! But I also adore new, fresh styles that are totally cute and still made just for little ones...exactly like the styles offered by Marni at babybeenos. I feel like everything at babybeenos will absolutely stand out in a crowd while still being one of the most comfortable things your child will wear. Marni prides herself on using only the finest quality products to produce her creations, and hand crafts everything in her shop herself. Babybeenos offers many different styles including short and long sleeved (for Fall) peasant dresses, ruffle tank dresses, ruffle hem capris (super cute denim ones too!), peasant top/capri sets, hoodies, and more. In addition to the clothing, they also have adorable dolls and other children's items. I love that everything is kid sized and kid friendly, but the fabrics and designs still have a little bit of sophistication to them. I am particularly in love with the new Rowan sash dress for Fall! Lucky for me (and you too...details below), I was able to review my favorite summer outfit - the Bella ruffle tank dress and matching ruffle capris.

There is not a negative thing that I can say about this outfit or about babybeenos! I was so excited to receive the dress and capris, because it was so adorable online...and we all know that most things are even cuter in person. This was totally the case with both the dress and capris. Just by unfolding and looking at the outfit I could tell that it was of very high quality and extremely well crafted. This is certainly an outfit to pass down to future children! The fabrics and colors are beautiful.
Of course, there are many other colors to choose from if you don't particularly care for these. The styling of both pieces is gorgeous and unique as well. The ruffle tank dress has elastic in the wide straps which helps it to fit very nicely, and also makes for an extremely cute look. The straps and hem of the dress are in a coordinating fabric to the main body of the dress. The capris are made of a very fine lightweight corduroy and the ruffles at the bottom are made in the same coordinating fabric as the dress. Too cute! A side note...I was very impressed with the way the ruffles "stayed put" wash after wash without my having to iron them to straighten them out :).
Everything fit EG very well and was obviously super cute on. I have washed this outfit more times than I can count because I want EG to wear it all the time. Every time it comes out of the wash it looks just as beautiful as when it went in - no shrinking, fading, fraying, nothing! The labeling on the dress and capris was very professional - there is a leather logo/care label on the inside of the dress, and both pieces have a babybeenos leather label on the outside. It adds a nice "boutique quality" to me. I would absolutely (and will absolutely!) purchase more clothing from babybeenos as I have seen firsthand what excellent quality clothing it is. And for the awesome quality, customization options, and unique styles you can't beat the prices either. The outfit I reviewed comes out to $42 (the pieces are sold separately!). And, really it is more than just one outfit - the dress can be worn alone or with other pants, and you can certainly put another top with the cute capris.
Both of these items can be purchased right now at the babybeenos shop, as well as other cute summer outfits and adorable items for Fall. Some of my favorites are the Tuscany peasant dress/beanie set for fall (pictured - $45), the sweet Rylie pillowcase dress (only $20!), and the adorable and versatile Soho dark wash denim capris (only $20 - and my next purchase!). And did I mention that babybeenos also makes adorable dolls, blankets, and other fun stuff?? You can't go wrong in any season with these awesome clothes. Check out babybeenos today to purchase anything listed here and much, much more. Love the ruffle tank dress as much as I do? Then see details below on how you can win one of your own! Thanks to Marni at babybeenos for helping our children look even more beautiful and stylish and for an awesome giveaway!

TO BUY: Click here to check out babybeenos and purchase any of the cute items above. Be sure to tell Marni that you saw her shop on Mommy Works!

TO WIN: Visit babybeenos, pick out your favorite outfit, then come back here and tell me what it is and why.

To enter this giveaway follow the rules and entry guidelines below (US and CANADA ONLY):

1. REQUIRED: Visit babybeenos, pick out your favorite product(s), then leave a comment telling me your favorite items AND why they are your favorite/who will wear them.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Adorable, Comfortable, Custom Clothing from Livi Stitches {Review and Giveaway} **CLOSED**

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Congratulations to the winner, Swaddle Babies!

How many times have you said to yourself, "I LOVE that outfit, but I wish it we're in a different fabric"? I run into that problem all the time and have found Etsy to be an answer to many of my clothing woes. Many sellers offer a plethora of fabrics to choose from and recreate outfits you love in a fabric you love just as much. However, the problem I run into sometimes is that maybe I don't know exactly the fabric I WOULD like...I need some choices! I am horrible at describing to someone my tastes when they ask me what I like. Thus, when someone says, "I have tons of fabrics, just tell me what you like" I have a difficult time, and it honestly adds too many extra steps to buying an outfit. When I stumbled across Livi Stitches, I was immediately drawn to the adorable, toddler friendly outfits. She had many different styles of clothing (dresses, lounge sets, etc.) and many with various fabric and applique styles...and everything just looked so comfy. I was particularly drawn to the lounge sets for their comfort and practicality. And, to my delight, when you click on the item you want, all of the fabric and applique choices are right there in the listing and noticeably labeled so you can pick exactly what you want and communicate it easily at checkout. What a grand idea! When I contacted Livi Stitches about the review, Jennifer told to me to pick a listing and let her know what I wanted. All I had to tell her was that I wanted a size 2 contrast ruffle trim lounge set, with applique A4, fabric FC10, and the initial "e" (all information I found with ONE click to the listing). All of the choices were right there! Super simple and extraordinarily convenient! The way she has her shop set up is extremely buyer friendly, is very easy to follow, and makes for a super speedy checkout. Unlike many sellers, there is actually no need to contact her and ask her any questions before ordering. Piece of cake!

Now on to the's no secret that they are adorable. Just look through the Livi Stitches shop and it is quite apparent that everything is adorable. But add to that high quality, designer fabrics and professional sewing, and you'll see that her clothing is made to last as well. We were lucky to be able to review the lounge set of our choice and chose the applique top and contrast ruffle capri set (I'll have you know that you can also order a lounge set without the ruffle, with the pants and ruffle in the same pattern, with an applique tank instead of tee, and the shirts and pants by themselves...just in case you were wondering!). The ruffle capri set that we received is the perfect outfit for an active toddler. It is so cute that it'd look great anywhere, yet it is plenty comfortable enough for play! The lightweight cotton capris have an elastic waist and a cute ruffle on the bottom for that girly touch I love. And the top is a white cotton t-shirt with a beautiful applique to match the pants. I love the different applique designs that Livi Stitches offers. They are so different from others I have seen, and are the perfect complement to the pants. Both the top and bottom have the Livi Stitches label and these outfits could easily be found on boutique store shelves. Everything together is just precious!
I would definitely buy from Livi Stitches again, especially considering the prices for a completely custom outfit, and the awesome customer service! The exact set we reviewed retails for $40, with other items ranging from $8 (bibs) to $75 (3 pc. set - dress, applique shirt, and lounge pants), and every price in between. All of the clothing items in Jennifer's shop have unbelievable customization options so that you can have exactly what you are looking for. Some of my other favorite items she has are this beautiful knot dress ($45), the shoulder knot aline dress ($35), and this adorable boy's jon jon ($40). I believe that Livi Stitches has something for everyone, and I can't wait for you to check out the shop! Be sure to figure out what your favorite item is so that you can come back and let me know what you'd spend your money on if you won the $25 Livi Stitches is giving away! See entry details below and happy shopping!

TO BUY: To buy any of the beautiful clothing featured here, and much more, simply visit Livi Stitches and shop to your hearts content! Be sure to tell her that Mommy Works sent you!

TO WIN: Visit Livi Stitches and figure out the item(s) you'd most love to have and why. Then come back here and post a comment letting me know how you'd spend your $25 gift certificate if you won!

To enter this giveaway follow the rules and entry guidelines below (US ONLY):

1. REQUIRED: Visit Livi Stitches, pick out your favorite product(s), then leave a comment telling me your favorite items AND why they are your favorite/who will wear them.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Top Five Working "Momfinitions"

Okay, so Twitter Moms had another crazy fun contest that I just had to enter. This one is from Parents Connect and challenged moms to come up with their craziest Momfinitions, or mom definitions. I figured that since this blog is geared toward working moms that I would do my top five "working momfinitions". I hope you all enjoy, and you can see the Momfinitions article on ParentsConnect by clicking here! All of these totally apply to me as a working mom and I think you'll find that many apply to you as well. I encourage you to share your own Momfinitions with me as well! Enjoy!

1. Working Momory - noun: the amazing ability bestowed upon working moms that engages key memory items and allows working moms to somehow remember the ten thousand things that have to be taken with them each morning all while running out the door five minutes late

Ex. Luckily my working momory kicked in this morning when making sure I had everything ready for EG's first day of daycare.

2. The Pumpinator - noun: the superhero that nursing moms become when returning to work while trying to balance normal work activities and discreet, sometimes lightning fast, pumping sessions twice a day (or more) in their office, bathroom, classroom, etc.

Ex. Every day at 10 and 12 Mommy turns into The Pumpinator by locking the door, whisking out her equipment, and pumping like a mad woman so quickly that no one notices she is missing.

3. Five O'prayathon - noun: the marathon time between leaving work, picking up your child, running errands, getting home, and cooking dinner by 6:00...all while praying your child is in a happy mood and doesn't have a meltdown

Ex. On Wednesdays hubby helps me avoid the five o'prayathon by running errands himself.

4. Transcelation - the amazing feeling of elation you instantly have, that transcends any negative energy accumulated throughout the day, when picking your child up from daycare, etc. at the day's end

Ex. The transcelation I feel when seeing EG each afternoon makes everything worthwhile.

5. Check up call - noun: the call(s) made each day to childcare to check up on your child

Ex. Tammie knows to expect my daily check up calls around noon.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Positive Discipline Made Easy with the Timeout Circle from Uh-Oh Mama! {Review and Giveaway} **CLOSED**

Congratulations to the winner, TheAngelForever!

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In the last few months we've started implementing "time out" in our house with EG. We use it more as a cool-down for her rather than a punishment. There are so many different studies out there and ideas about what an appropriate "time out" is, and after having looked at many of them I decided I definitely agreed that it would be more effective and better for us if we used it from a positive perspective rather than a negative one. We definitely needed to do something because when EG has a meltdown there's really nothing we can do except let her calm down on her own. My goal was to have a place in our home where EG knows she can (and has to : ) settle down. To implement this "time out", I first of all needed a place for EG to go that she could easily recognize as her designated place to cool down, and a plus would be something that we could take with us anywhere (i.e. Nana's, vacation, etc.) for consistency. After looking on the internet for such a "spot" I found several "Time Out" chairs and circles, but nothing extremely portable or without the words "time out" (which just rub me the wrong way for some reason). I decided to continue my search on my all time favorite website, Etsy, with the thought that no one would make such a thing as I envisioned. But, lo and behold, Marci at Uh-Oh Mama! had just what I was looking for! What she calls her timeout circle is just what I had been looking for. It's a completely customizable (any wording you like!) designated spot that you can use for your time out, quiet time, or whatever you like to call it! We named ours the "thinking spot"!

The "thinking spot" is a kid-sized, dual layer (cotton top and fleece bottom for extra padding) fabric circle specifically designed for time out. It comes monogrammed with the words "time out", but this can be changed to accommodate whatever wording you would prefer (i.e. thinking spot). You can also add your child's name by adding the monogramming option in her shop. The spot is also completely customizable with your choice of fabric, from tons and tons of choices.
As you can see, I chose a pink/green/brown polka dot fabric with the words "EG's Thinking Spot" (her full name is 'pinked' out in the picture but is on the spot) around the edge. It turned out so cute and is the perfect size. Not only is the spot itself wonderful, but it gets even included egg timer! The timer comes with it's own matching timer cover an can attach to the spot with a velcro attachment. The attachment is extremely convenient when transporting the "thinking spot" so that everything stays together. But, when EG is actually "thinking" on her spot, I have to take the timer away so she doesn't play with it. She does definitely listen for the "ding" though! For kids who wouldn't play with the timer, maybe older kids, it would be a good way for them to see how much time they have left. Great features so far right? Well, I also said that I wanted something portable, and this totally is. It folds up nicely and comes with its own matching drawstring bag that bears the name of what is inside. So cute, and definitely handy! You can see how small it is from EG holding it in the pictures. I honestly don't know what more you could ask for in a timeout spot. It has everything you need for positive discipline all rolled in to one!
I think we will definitely be using this for years to come and it is so wonderful that we can take it anywhere! EG knows what it is and it helps to make our discipline more consistent. This is one of my favorite products I have been able to review because it has worked so well for us, and I can see the application of this product for so many families out there! You will truly love it! Definitely check out Marci's shop to see the Timeout Circles she is currently offering. While you're there you can also check out some cute dresses, onesies, bibs/burp cloths, tutus, and more! But that's not reader will get to choose a custom "timeout circle" of their own (new fabric choices will be coming in a couple weeks too!)! Simply follow the directions below...

TO BUY: To buy any of the items in Uh-Oh Mama's store simply visit her Etsy shop and shop away! The timeout circles are $36 and include the timer and bag.

TO WIN: Visit Uh-Oh Mama! and pick your favorite item. Then tell me about your favorite item and how you will use the timeout circle if you win.

To enter this giveaway follow the rules and entry guidelines below (US ONLY):

1. REQUIRED: Visit Uh-Oh Mama!, pick out your favorite product, then leave a comment telling me your favorite product AND how you will use the timeout circle if you win.

To earn extra entries you may do one or more of the following and leave me additional comment here telling me which you have done:

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**Be sure to leave me your e-mail address, if there is not a visible one in your profile, so that I can contact you in the event that you are the winner. This contest will end at 11:59 PM CST on Friday July 24. The winner will be randomly chosen via and notified on or around Saturday, July 25.**

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Little One will find their Happy Place in this Luxurious Beanbag by Happy Plop {Review and Giveaway}

My journey to find the Happy Plop started with my daughter's love for our dog, Maddy's, bed. As soon as EG started crawling I would often turn around and find her curled up in all the dog hair and slobber (okay so it wasn't that bad but that's what I immediately thought I guess it was just that comfy...but it grossed me out and I had to find a way to keep her out of it! Our first solution was to but EG a dog bed of her own. That worked awesome for a while and then Maddy realized that there were two "dog" beds and she wanted both. Well, I guess I should have figured a dog isn't really able to tell one dog bed from another. EG's bed quickly became dog hair, slobber bed number two. This was certainly not a solution so I had to find something else that EG could curl up, snuggle, and just be comfortable in. I searched all of the local stores and everywhere online, and there just wasn't anything that would do the trick. Traditional beanbags aren't nearly as plush and comfortable, and they lose their shape way too easily. I was afraid a big pillow wouldn't really deter Maddy from thinking that it was also hers. But I had to find something. Luckily I stumbled across the Happy Plop website while searching online again one day. I immediately loved the name; who wouldn't? It just sounds so kid friendly and, well, happy. After browsing around the site some more, I knew I had to try it. Some reasons I fell in is mom-created and designed specifically with babies and toddlers in mind. The Happy Plop is the one and only cotton ball beanbag, and supposedly the most luxurious baby seat available. They come in a variety of fabrics that are machine washable AND super cute. What's not to love about it right? It seemed like the perfect solution, and it has turned out to be! Here is a little more information about the Happy Plop and it's creator, Tina:

"Having a newborn every two years, Tina Trumeter experimented with all available baby seats trying to find a product that was appropriately appointed for comfort and design. Each baby would present a new dilemma, until she placed her youngest son in a convenient beanbag. While the beanbag was an instant satisfier, its lackluster composition with synthetic flattening pellets and less than luxurious fabrics was unsuitable for a baby. Thus, Happy Plop was created to perfect the beanbag chair and offer a natural and posh baby lounger.

Happy Plop is patent pending as the one and only cotton ball beanbag. Each Happy Plop is custom made and Austin Authentic guaranteed to stay fluffy and snuggle your baby through the toddler years."

Everything advertised about the Happy Plop has turned out to be true. We were provided a Lovely Leopard Happy Plop to review, and it has thrilled EG since the moment it arrived on our doorstep. It truly is quite fluffy and incredibly soft. The cheetah print is adorable, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the cover can be thrown into the washing machine! As for the size, it is perfect also. EG is almost two and it is plenty big enough for her to lounge around in. However, it's a little too small for our dog, and sits up quite a bit higher than her beds (watch out for small dogs though, they'd love it...haha). Thus, Maddy pretty much stays away from it. The cotton balls inside the Happy Plop help it to maintain its shape and we can fluff it and "mold" it however we like. Sometimes EG likes to use it like a chair and we kind of scoop out a little "seat" and fluff up the back. Other times she kind of flattens it out and snuggles up in it (and often falls asleep). And, lately her favorite thing has been to sit in my lap and fall backwards into it (probably not the best thing, but oh well)...she affectionately calls this "popping" (plopping). She always wants to sit in her "pop", and to be honest I sometimes wish it was big enough for me! It definitely lives up to its name as it has brought nothing but happiness to EG. I think that with a little baby, this would be an excellent seat also. They would snuggle right in and feel so secure. The cotton balls also add enough loft so that a baby would not sink in so far that they would be in danger (of course you watch your child at all times anyway). This would definitely not be the case with a traditional beanbag! We've had so much fun with our Happy Plop and it is definitely well loved in our home. I know EG will enjoy it for a long time! If you'd like to enjoy your own Happy Plop, you can purchase directly from their site. They have tons to choose from and most are $145 (down from $185). Organic Happy Plops are also one their way very soon!

We love the Happy Plop so much that I asked Tina if she would be willing to do a giveaway to one of the Mommy Works readers. She so generously agreed to host a contest for a free Happy Plop, and also offered a great way to help the St. Jude Children's Hospital, a charity we decided upon together. It is obvious that Tina has a caring and giving heart as she has offered a special code that will donate $25 to St. Jude for each Happy Plop that is purchased with the code "MWB09". Thank you so much Tina! See details below for more information on how to purchase your Happy Plop and enter to WIN one!

TO BUY: Go to the Happy Plop website and purchase using the code MWB09. For every Happy Plop purchased with that code $25 will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Definitely share the code with your friends; it's for a great cause!

TO WIN: Follow the contest guidelines below. Best of luck!

Contest Details:

To enter to win the Happy Plop you simply have to comment and answer the following questions:

1. If you win, who would be the recipient of the Happy Plop (i.e. a friend, sister, your little one, etc.) and why?
2. What makes you (or your intended recipient) interested in the Happy Plop?
3. Why should you be the winner!?

All entries will be judged on creativity and the most creative entry will win, as judged by Tina and myself! I know others of you out there have to have a "dog bed-like" story! Share it!

***The contest will end at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, July 22 and the winner will be posted soon after, after all entries have been reviewed and judged. Winner will receive a Happy Plop of Tina's choice and will be required to "tweet" about their Happy Plop on Twitter after receiving it. All Happy Plops come with Twitter instructions and all owners are encouraged to tweet!***

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gorgeous Sun Protection for Every Day: Giggle Garden Floppy Sunhat {Review and Giveaway} **CLOSED**

Congratulations to the winner, TopHat!

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A beautiful hat is the perfect accessory to complete any summertime outfit. The only problem is that it is hard to find a gorgeous hat that is also practical and versatile. Case in point...we buy hats all the time in name brand stores, but they are meant to go with a specific collection and just don't go with much else. What's up with that? That stinks, because a hat is a must have just about every day to protect EG from the burning sun in steamy Alabama!
And we can't buy a hat for every single outfit, so we sometimes just have to go with whatever we have (and by now you all should know that it just irks me when EG doesn't When buying hats we are pretty much left with a few choices: buy one for every outfit, don't worry about matching, or buy a boring, neutral hat that matches everything. None of those choices are really optimal, especially buying several hats considering money and the time it takes to find the right hat (at least in our house!) as you're trying to run out the door to go to work or wherever. Luckily for all of us hat lovers, Giggle Garden Boutique has come up with an excellent solution to our hat troubles - a GORGEOUS, versatile, practical hat - just like I thought didn't exist.

Giggle Garden's solution is their Floppy Sun Hat - a solid white sun hat with a beautiful detachable, oversized flower bloom that makes it simply stunning and easily interchangeable with just about any other clippie or bow (they have those too!) you can buy or, better yet, already have. What a fabulous idea! Their hat comes in a variety of sizes to fit your little one just perfect, and the bows and blooms are absolutely spectacular. Giggle Garden provided me with a variety of different flowers and clips to try out with the hat, and I was amazed at how such a simple change of clip completely changed the look to match just about anything.
I was lucky to receive this before we took our beach trip, so we were able to try it out there - where a hat is an absolute necessity for little ones. As you can see in the pictures, not only did it look fabulous, but it did the most important job of keeping EG's face and shoulders protected from the sun's harmful rays.
A side note...I have to say that, at first, I wasn't a huge fan of the strap around the hat. I thought that it would drive EG crazy and entice her to pull and yank at it. But, while at the beach, I quickly learned the value of it! With the constant breeze, the hat came off several times (especially while we were in the water), and the strap caught it every single nice! And, if EG decided she wanted to take it off, she could do so without the hat getting lost in the Gulf of Mexico before I could catch
Enough about that though. The pictures show just how beautiful the actual flower clips and bows are (although they still don't really do them justice).
The large bloom, that is one option when you purchase the hat (there are a few to choose from), is an oversized pink flower with a large rhinestone in the center - by far the one we received the most compliments on. And, the fact that it is a solid color makes that bloom alone able to match a lot of little girls clothes. But, we all know that everything isn't pink, so the option of changing out the flower to whatever you want is wonderful. I know most moms of girls already have tons of bows laying around the house, so it would be so easy to customize this hat. Even if you don't have tons of bows, it so much cheaper to buy a new bow than a new hat for every occasion. And, that way, you have the bow to wear by itself too. That is exactly what we did on the way to the beach. EG had a cute ladybug dress and Giggle Garden provided me with a cute ladybug bow to go on the hat. Well, she didn't need a hat in the car, so we just used the bow by itself. You can't get much more practical than that (oh wait, you can throw it in the washer too!), and the Floppy Sun Hat is cuter than any other sunhat you will find!
Giggle Garden offers several choices of hats including the pink bloom pictured, a ladybug bow hat, red/white/blue stripe bow hat, and more - at $22 you wont find a better deal on such a versatile accessory anywhere.
They also offer the bows and blooms that you can purchase separately, including their super cute oversize korkers (that also look precious on the hats...and only $6). Other coordinating products Giggle Garden Boutique creates are headbands, crochet beanies, hairbow holders, and, another favorite, their flower Giggle Flops. Just looking through their shop will put a smile on your face! Check out their shop today and see details below on how you can win your own Giggle Garden Floppy Sun Hat! Thanks to Giggle Garden for allowing me to review such a terrific product and for offering the giveaway!

TO BUY: Visit Giggle Garden Boutique where you can purchase all of the products mentioned above, plus more!! Be sure to mention you found them from Mommy Works.

TO WIN: To enter the Floppy Sun Hat giveaway, visit Giggle Garden Boutique and figure out the top product you'd love to have, and which hat you would choose if you won. Then leave a comment below indicating your favorites!

To enter this giveaway follow the rules and entry guidelines below (US ONLY):

1. REQUIRED: Visit Giggle Garden Boutique, pick your fav product, and leave me a comment below telling me what it is! Also be sure to tell me which hat you would choose if you win!

To earn extra entries you may do one or more of the following and leave me additional comments here telling me which you have done:

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comfort, Style, and Quality All Wrapped in to Two Little Shoes: Vincent Shoes {Review}

We love shoes in our house just about as much a we love clothes. And when I see awesome shoes like these I get so excited! I mean, what good is a great outfit without the proper shoes to complement it? I was offered a pair of Vincent Shoes of my choice to try out and review. After browsing around their site (several times!) I finally decided on this adorable pair of Bettys. It was an extremely tough choice as there are so many cute styles! Close seconds were the Oskar and Olivia styles. I love that the Oskar is a sandal, but is still very supportive and protective like a sneaker with a closed toe. And, despite its name, the Oskar sandals come in a variety of colors and would be perfect for boys or girls. I also love the more "open" sandal styling of the Olivia also with the benefit of a closed toe for added toe protection. But, nothing could beat the adorable, flower-adorned, leather mary janes called Betty. I instantly fell in love with the style, and I knew pink would perfectly match most everything in EG's wardrobe. They are available right now in purple and white (and right now they are on SALE along with several other pairs!). Another feature I knew I would love even before receiving the shoes is the rubber toe guard on the end. One thing that irritates me the most about a lot of shoes is that one fall on concrete is the kiss of death for the toes! Who doesn't think of these things when creating shoes for infants, toddlers, and kids? When they're still crawling, their toes rub the floor. When they're toddlers they're still "toddling" (hence the name :) and fall all the time. And we all know how much any kid runs, jumps, and plays and how that will inevitably end up with the occasional accident. Thus, the toe guard is definitely needed! After having chosen the pair of shoes to try, I was eagerly anticipating their arrival and trying them on EG.

I must say that I was immediately impressed with the look of the shoe, and the obvious attention to quality and detail.
It was easy to see that they were very well made, and the fact that they were adorable didn't hurt! We used the sizing guide on the Vincent website to figure the size we needed, and the shoes fit perfectly. EG seemed very comfortable in them. They are extremely supportive to her little feet and are perfect for wearing anywhere! The only place I wouldn't let her wear them is somewhere I thought they might get filthy (way too cute to mess up!).
Although, the leather on the shoe wipes clean very easily. EG has worn this pair of shoes more than any others she has, and I can't wait to try out another pair of Vincents when she outgrows these.
My favorite feature about the Bettys in particular (and several of their other styles) is that they have the rubber toe guard at the end. Though EG walks very well she still stumbles sometimes, and, when she's playing, the last thing she's concerned about is not messing up the toe of her shoes. The toe guard has prevented scratched up shoes and I love it! We will definitely purchase Vincent shoes in the future, and I invite you to take a look at them as well. They have supremely cute styles for boys and girls of all ages! I can't wait to see what they've got in store for Fall!

TO BUY: Click this link to check out all of the styles from Vincent Shoes, and shop to your heart's content!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th! Celebrate all year with the NEW Red, White, and You Candies from Sweethearts {Review}

Happy Independence Day to everyone! I hope that your 4th will be filled with lots of fun, family, fireworks, and, of course, food! With all of the excitement it can sometimes be easy to forget the true reason behind our celebration this time of year, but Sweethearts has come up with a brand new way to help us celebrate America and remember the important people who have gotten us where we are today - the brave men and women who have fought, and are fighting now, for our country and freedoms. We all know and love the traditional Sweethearts, you know with all of the mushy gushy love sayings, that are a Valentine's Day staple. But, this year Necco has decided to something new with their Sweethearts for the 4th of July (and beyond!) - Red, White, and You Sweethearts. These are the classic Sweethearts in patriotic colors featuring sayings to honor our soldiers and America. Example sayings are "home safe", "I love you", "thank you", and many more. I think it's an awesome idea and that these will become a staple for all of our memorial celebrations, including Independence Day.

Here is some information from the Necco website about the new Sweethearts:
"The classic Sweethearts you know and love were already a part of the fabric of American culture, but now they’ve taken things to the next level. We’ve taken our Sweethearts and redesigned them to incorporate new All-American colors, phrases and packaging. Red White & You Sweethearts are a sweet and simple way to show your true colors – the individual candies come in red, white and blue (strawberry, blueberry and vanilla crème). They are also fat-free and gluten-free, so everyone can express their patriotism and feel great about it!"

These Sweethearts are awesome by themselves, but Sweethearts sent along some great ideas of how you can incorporate these candies into fun family crafts and treats. We decided to try out the flag cake, and it turned out so cute (kind Sweethearts were cute anyway!). Now, as you can see, it's no piece of art (EG wanted to "help"...a lot!) and the numbers of stars and stripes is off, but it's the thought that counts (right?), and it made for such an easy and festive treat. I'm sure you guys can think of some fabulous ways to use these candies, but here are a few more suggested by Sweethearts:

- Party Favors: Wrap up the boxes in festive scrapbook papers, and add pipe cleaners, stickers, and other embellishments to create fun party favors.

- Flag Cookies: Roll out cookie dough, cut into rectangles, add a popsicle stick on one end (to make a flag handle), bake, and then decorate with Sweethearts and red, white, and blue icing to make Flag Cookies.

Check out the new Red, White, and You Sweethearts at a store near you, and make some fun of your own while celebrating our awesome country!