Monday, March 16, 2009

Little Brown Crane SnuglyMat XL Nap Mat {Review}

A few weeks ago, the lady that keeps EG while I work and I were talking about how she might like for EG to try using a cot rather than a crib for nap time. I don't really know when you're supposed to move from a crib to a cot (or toddler bed for home), but I figured EG would probably do okay on it. So I said, "okay let's give it a try tomorrow". Well, when I came to pick EG up that very afternoon she had a huge, red bump on her forehead and guess what it was from...climbing out of her crib and landing on the floor (never having even attempted this before...)about 5 minutes before I made it there to pick her up. I guess this was our sign...she needed a cot. I tell you this story to say that this event is what led me to find the cutest, most comfortable, most AWESOME nap mat for EG to use each day. And, I think I've found all of those characteristics in the SnuglyMat XL from Little Brown Crane.

Little Brown Crane graciously provided me with one of their custom SnuglyMats to review and I could not be happier that they did. EG has thoroughly enjoyed using her nap mat each day and I am quite sure that she is snuggly and comfortable during naps with all of the mat's wonderful features. But, before I begin gushing over my love for this mat, here is some info on the SnuglyMat from the Little Brown Crane store:

"This super cute SnuglyMat is roughly 21" X 54" and is fully machine washable! It has a cotton front and a chenille back, as well as a double sided minky blanket! It's perfect for your little one to tote to school. SnuglyMats have an attached pillow and blanket, and come with a convenient carrying strap so your little one can carry it themselves! To wash your SnuglyMat, simply unroll, toss in the washer, and then straight into the dryer. It's as simple as that! Your SnuglyMat has been designed for durability and to provide many years of use!"

I can attest to the high quality of the SnuglyMat! The fabrics used are not only beautiful, but are of high-end quality and wash very well. And, at $55 the price is excellent for a completely custom mat! I searched through several sites and stores and found many nap mats that were over $100 for the same quality. You will definitely get your money's worth out of this one. The mat I chose (pictured) uses Amy Butler cotton fabrics in pinks, greens and browns and has a dark brown chenille back. It is gorgeous! All mats include a nice, plush attached pillow; and a removable pillow can be added as a $10 option. When rolled up, it can be secured with a button on each end (pink flowers on this one). It also includes a handy carrying strap and has the option of a beautiful name applique. The applique is made from one of the high quality fabrics used in the mat and can be added for an additional $12. I think this is so cute and different from your traditional embroidered monogram! Even though all of these features are FABULOUS, my favorite feature (and EG's too!) is the unbelievably soft and snuggly attached minky blanket. The nap mats that I usually see around town and online have a thin cotton blanket or sheet attached to them which makes the SnuglyMat's minky blanket seem so luxurious! It is minky on both sides and is the perfect thickness. Great for snuggling with! EG is very hot natured and doesn't like to be covered with a blanket, but she loves to snuggle with the blanket next her and rub her hands on the soft texture. Heck, I like it too! Hubby was trying to freeze me out of the car yesterday and I unrolled EG's nap mat and snuggled up with the blanket. It is plenty large enough! EG is only 18 months, but a much older child would easily be able to completely cover up with the blanket if they wished to. No feet sticking out, or body half covered...there is plenty to go around. The length of the mat also allows plenty of room for growth. We'll be using this mat in Kindergarten I'm sure! As pictured, with the applique option and removable pillow option, the mat is $77. A steal, in my opinion, for such a high quality, beautiful mat. Please go and check out Little Brown Crane's store! In addition to the SnuglyMats, she also offers super cute backpacks, lunch totes, nursing covers, and more! I know you'll at least want a backpack and lunch tote to match your SnuglyMat, right? I promise you will not be disappointed in whatever you purchase!

EG loves her "nat" and especially likes to carry it on her shoulder to and from daycare, around the house, to the washing machine, etc. Thank you Little Brown Crane for offering a terrific nap mat and for allowing me to host a review!


  1. If I knew my future children and their names I would order them these now, how cute! Hopefully they will still be in business when I have kids!

  2. Hopefully they will be! We'll keep our fingers crossed, they really are cute!

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