Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Clothes! Gorgeous, Fun Girl's Clothing by Katie Bug Customs

By now it's obviously no surpise that I love clothes! Lucky for me, I haven't received anything for review that we haven't loved.  This adorable jumper from Katie Bug Customs is no exception.  I think the jumper is my favorite clothing style for little girls, and this one is just so cute!  I love the colors used  in this fabric and the coordinating polka dot straps, especially the brown.  Brown brings out the chocolate colored eyes of my little brown eyed beauty!  Pink and brown has been a very popular color combination recently (EG's room, accessories, and clothing can all be proof of that!), but this fabric brings a little something different by adding in more colors and a print other than stripes or polka dots.  Great fabric choice in my opinion!  This particular pattern and colors are not season specific so this outfit can be worn year round as well.  It also hides dirt very nicely!  The style of the jumper allows for it to be worn all by itself (perfect for our sweltering Alabama summers!), with short sleeves or long sleeves underneath if it's cooler, and with leggings underneath if it's really cool.  I love knowing that I have something in EG's closet that I can grab in a hurry no mater what the weather.  
We've made great use of this outfit the last couple of weeks when the weather has been so fickle here.  We've had days in the 30s and days in the 80s (and every temperature in between) all within the last 10 days!  EG wore this outfit to the zoo and it was just one of those days that she needed leggings in the morning, and by afternoon we took them off.  She looked just as cute either way in this outfit!  And, while rushing to get ready and get to work in the morning, I don't always get a chance to look at the day's forecast.  
A versatile outfit like this is perfect on those days!  
I simply have to pull off, or add, layers (shirts, leggings, etc.) throughout the day as needed.  This is super easy too because of the button straps.  You don't even have to take it all the way off!  

Now, you may be wondering what exactly is so special about this jumper compared to the hundreds of others you can find online.  Well, I've already talked about the beautiful fabric.  You're not going to find such high quality, beautiful prints at your 
every day local store.  You can also see from the pictures that it is super cute!  What sets this apart from others that I have seen is the uniqueness and quality.  The fabrics are not only beautiful (not just this one, but all of the others in her store), but they are also different from what you would easily find online or around town.  It is also of boutique quality and will withstand the test of time,
 including washing.  We machine washed this jumper and it came out perfect.  Katie Bug Customs professionally sews all items, and it is obvious that they are professionals at children's clothing in particular.  They make quality, boutique style outfits for very reasonable prices.  The jumper I reviewed and enjoy is sold for $24.99 (a deal!) and is just one of the many beautiful pieces offered in her store.  Another personal favorite of mine is their Farmer's Market Wrap Top ($37.99 - pictured) and matching pants ($24).  So adorable!  Check out Katie Bug Creations for more jumpers, dresses, outfits, bows, and more!

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