Sunday, April 12, 2009

Awesome Shopping Mom Product! Four Pocket Shopper by Carissa Black {Review}

I am so thrilled that I was able to review, and now carry with me all the time, the Four Pocket Shopper from Carissa Black!  I have searched and searched for a little wallet/wristlet to carry with me when I go shopping, especially for when I have EG with me.  Some may be more shopping savvy than I, but I just cannot carry my whole bag with me when I go shopping with my toddler.  I hate having to dig through it to find my wallet in the checkout line while I am also trying to hold EG (usually that's the time she decides she just can't sit in the cart anymore).  And, I also can't carry it, my bags, and EG out to the car without feeling like I'm going to drop something all the time.  So what I usually do is take out my wallet and just carry that in the store.  I can hold it in my hand, and I don't have to search anywhere to find it when I check out.  The only problem with carrying my wallet is that I have no place to put it except in my hand or in the cart (where EG likes to play "throw the wallet" :) and I'm also so afraid I'm going to accidentally leave it one day).  I needed to find something hands free and easy to carry.  The Four (or five) Pocket Shopper is just that!

Here is the description from Carissa Black:

"A great multi-functional bag. The styling of a wristlet combined with the functionality of a wallet. 
Perfect for trips to the grocery store. The strap and clasp make it easy to fasten to the front of the cart for hands free shopping. Great for traveling. Holds your camera, ipod, cell phone, and credit cards securly. Also a great alternative to the money apron for those of you who do craft fairs. Just clip the bag to your belt loop to keep your cash and receipts secure.

The inside is fully lined and has three slots for holding your money, drivers license, and credit cards. There is plenty of room for your cell phone, keys, and any other odds and ends you may need. The outside has a large pocket across the front.
This little bag measures 6 1/2" W x 5" T. I have used a layer of batting for softness and to add a layer of protection for your phone and gadgets."

It's awesome for those times you don't need (or want) to carry your purse with you, yet need to carry your all important items (i.e. BlackBerry).  The shopper is substantial enough in size to carry everything you need for a trip to the store, yet small enough to easily carry on your wrist or in your hand.  The much needed feature it has, that I was looking for in particular, is the wrist strap that can be attached to just about anything.  It has your traditional wristlet loop, but it also has a clasp that the end of the loop can be attached to.  This makes it SUPER easy to attach to your shopping cart handle, stroller bar, your bag (if you must carry it!), etc.  As stated in the description it can hold your cell phone, keys, credit cards, money, tissues, or whatever else you just have to have with you in the store.  It also has an outer pocket that would be great for storing those items you need quick access to, like coupons.  That's what I use it for and it's too convenient!  I love it!  It's a must have item for me now, and I am so going to buy one for my mom for Mother's Day.  Anything that makes shopping easier, gets an A+ in my book!!  I can honestly say that I will never carry my wallet into Wal-Mart (or anywhere else) again...EVER!  

Besides it's functionality, it's also very well made with designer fabrics and professional craftsmanship.  There is an extra layer of padding between the fabric layers for extra "niceness" and sturdiness.  There are also plenty of fabric choices to choose from, and lots of Amy Butler (whom I'm sure you know by now that I love!).  This is truly a quality product.

It's amazing how such a simple thing can make life so much easier.  Where was my Shopper a couple of months ago when it was pouring down rain, I was trying to hold the umbrella and my wallet in one hand, I couldn't close the umbrella, EG wouldn't sit in the cart, I dropped my wallet on the ground, and we were both soaked (all while a seemingly nice young man stood there, without helping, and watched all of this unfold...without offering to help)?  LOL!

Go to Carissa Black and try out the Four or Five Pocket Shopper.  You'll love it!  At $28 I think it's a great buy.  While you're there go ahead and check out the other cool products she has to offer too, including tons of different accessories and bags.  Thanks to Carissa Black for such a great shop, and a great product!


  1. Love her shop. My son has one of her zippy pouches for his lunch money, LOVE IT!!

  2. Wow, I need one of these! Thanks for showing us another great item!