Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Little One will find their Happy Place in this Luxurious Beanbag by Happy Plop {Review and Giveaway}

My journey to find the Happy Plop started with my daughter's love for our dog, Maddy's, bed. As soon as EG started crawling I would often turn around and find her curled up in all the dog hair and slobber (okay so it wasn't that bad but that's what I immediately thought I guess it was just that comfy...but it grossed me out and I had to find a way to keep her out of it! Our first solution was to but EG a dog bed of her own. That worked awesome for a while and then Maddy realized that there were two "dog" beds and she wanted both. Well, I guess I should have figured a dog isn't really able to tell one dog bed from another. EG's bed quickly became dog hair, slobber bed number two. This was certainly not a solution so I had to find something else that EG could curl up, snuggle, and just be comfortable in. I searched all of the local stores and everywhere online, and there just wasn't anything that would do the trick. Traditional beanbags aren't nearly as plush and comfortable, and they lose their shape way too easily. I was afraid a big pillow wouldn't really deter Maddy from thinking that it was also hers. But I had to find something. Luckily I stumbled across the Happy Plop website while searching online again one day. I immediately loved the name; who wouldn't? It just sounds so kid friendly and, well, happy. After browsing around the site some more, I knew I had to try it. Some reasons I fell in is mom-created and designed specifically with babies and toddlers in mind. The Happy Plop is the one and only cotton ball beanbag, and supposedly the most luxurious baby seat available. They come in a variety of fabrics that are machine washable AND super cute. What's not to love about it right? It seemed like the perfect solution, and it has turned out to be! Here is a little more information about the Happy Plop and it's creator, Tina:

"Having a newborn every two years, Tina Trumeter experimented with all available baby seats trying to find a product that was appropriately appointed for comfort and design. Each baby would present a new dilemma, until she placed her youngest son in a convenient beanbag. While the beanbag was an instant satisfier, its lackluster composition with synthetic flattening pellets and less than luxurious fabrics was unsuitable for a baby. Thus, Happy Plop was created to perfect the beanbag chair and offer a natural and posh baby lounger.

Happy Plop is patent pending as the one and only cotton ball beanbag. Each Happy Plop is custom made and Austin Authentic guaranteed to stay fluffy and snuggle your baby through the toddler years."

Everything advertised about the Happy Plop has turned out to be true. We were provided a Lovely Leopard Happy Plop to review, and it has thrilled EG since the moment it arrived on our doorstep. It truly is quite fluffy and incredibly soft. The cheetah print is adorable, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the cover can be thrown into the washing machine! As for the size, it is perfect also. EG is almost two and it is plenty big enough for her to lounge around in. However, it's a little too small for our dog, and sits up quite a bit higher than her beds (watch out for small dogs though, they'd love it...haha). Thus, Maddy pretty much stays away from it. The cotton balls inside the Happy Plop help it to maintain its shape and we can fluff it and "mold" it however we like. Sometimes EG likes to use it like a chair and we kind of scoop out a little "seat" and fluff up the back. Other times she kind of flattens it out and snuggles up in it (and often falls asleep). And, lately her favorite thing has been to sit in my lap and fall backwards into it (probably not the best thing, but oh well)...she affectionately calls this "popping" (plopping). She always wants to sit in her "pop", and to be honest I sometimes wish it was big enough for me! It definitely lives up to its name as it has brought nothing but happiness to EG. I think that with a little baby, this would be an excellent seat also. They would snuggle right in and feel so secure. The cotton balls also add enough loft so that a baby would not sink in so far that they would be in danger (of course you watch your child at all times anyway). This would definitely not be the case with a traditional beanbag! We've had so much fun with our Happy Plop and it is definitely well loved in our home. I know EG will enjoy it for a long time! If you'd like to enjoy your own Happy Plop, you can purchase directly from their site. They have tons to choose from and most are $145 (down from $185). Organic Happy Plops are also one their way very soon!

We love the Happy Plop so much that I asked Tina if she would be willing to do a giveaway to one of the Mommy Works readers. She so generously agreed to host a contest for a free Happy Plop, and also offered a great way to help the St. Jude Children's Hospital, a charity we decided upon together. It is obvious that Tina has a caring and giving heart as she has offered a special code that will donate $25 to St. Jude for each Happy Plop that is purchased with the code "MWB09". Thank you so much Tina! See details below for more information on how to purchase your Happy Plop and enter to WIN one!

TO BUY: Go to the Happy Plop website and purchase using the code MWB09. For every Happy Plop purchased with that code $25 will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Definitely share the code with your friends; it's for a great cause!

TO WIN: Follow the contest guidelines below. Best of luck!

Contest Details:

To enter to win the Happy Plop you simply have to comment and answer the following questions:

1. If you win, who would be the recipient of the Happy Plop (i.e. a friend, sister, your little one, etc.) and why?
2. What makes you (or your intended recipient) interested in the Happy Plop?
3. Why should you be the winner!?

All entries will be judged on creativity and the most creative entry will win, as judged by Tina and myself! I know others of you out there have to have a "dog bed-like" story! Share it!

***The contest will end at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, July 22 and the winner will be posted soon after, after all entries have been reviewed and judged. Winner will receive a Happy Plop of Tina's choice and will be required to "tweet" about their Happy Plop on Twitter after receiving it. All Happy Plops come with Twitter instructions and all owners are encouraged to tweet!***


  1. My daughter would be the happy recipient of this bag. She would love the Happy Plop because she is fascinated with ALL chairs while she watches the Wiggles on the television. I think I should be the winner because I would enjoy teaching my daughter to say "Happy Plop" which undoubtedly would come out as "Ha Pop!"

  2. this would be for my daughter. she is obsessed with sitting down on chairs and this would be perfect. I could practice our "quiet" time on there as well. I think i could use this as a learning tool she would know everytime we sit on the happy plop it's quiet time. we can read and play quiet games. I would really love to win this for my daughter so I can help use it to teach her.

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  4. I'm not generally one for crazy patterns, but for some reason, the Giggly Giraffe infant to toddler plop has caught my eye! My daughter and her new little sister on her way would love to play in a plop! At 16 months, all my daughter wants to do is climb into and out of this little baby chair we have in the family room. She climbs in and out with books and is content to read all day! I would love to have the plop so that she could continue to foster her adoration with stories while sitting in something so comfy!!

  5. 1. The recipient would by my youngest son, Asher, who is 3 1/2 years old. He is all about books and has picked out toys in his room that he doesn't want anymore that we sold and he is saving up for a bookshelf for all of his books. This would be perfect to plop down next to his new bookshelf for him to sit on and enjoy his books!

    2. I'm interested in the Happy Plop because it would be comfortable and not take up too much space in my son's small room and it would be his own special little seat that I know he would think was just the coolest.

    3. I should be the winner because I am very excited about my son's love for books and want to encourage him to continue his fascination with them, by having his own special little seat to sit and read in!

  6. I'd use this in my kindergarten classroom. I am interested because there's nothing that makes me happier than seeing my students snuggled up with a great book!!I should win because I do anything I can to promote life-long readers. Having an enjoyable and comfy place to read in my classroom would be great!!


  7. my little-one to be would be the recepient of this happy plop. I am interested because i think it is something i can use as soon as the baby is born. I should be the winner because i need help furnishing my little one's room!

  8. Love this! I would definitely give it to my son. I love that it's made like a traditional beanbag, but that it's so much more stylish AND more comfy cozy!! I would love to win because my husband has been away for 19 months (military) and he'll be coming home within the next three months. That's JUST in time for football season - one of my son's favorite past-times with daddy - watching and playing football! I would love to see my 4 year old, who was only 2 when daddy "left", to be able to sit in this and enjoy football time with daddy - it does my heart good to think about it!!

    jamieandandre at bellsouth dot net

  9. I would love one of these for my youngest who has some sensory disorders. I think she would love the Comfy Quilt. She is always flopping and hopping on every piece of furniture, and having a space all her own to sit on may help her control the flopping urges. These look easy enough for her to be able to transport it with her whether she goes to read books in her room or sit out in the front room with the family. It may just keep her from climbing on my husband and myself like we are her personal jungle gym.

  10. My little one would be the winner of the Happy Plop :) why? why not :) The Happy Plop would make her really happy lol
    My interest? defenetly Beautiful! the product is beautiful, easy to drag, play, climb, snuggle with, sit on, and make her new room look the best!
    I should be the winner because I would love the product, as well as my daughter, and after receiving it, I would tell everybody about it in my blog :)
    thanks so much for the giveaway :)

  11. 1. My little sister and brother would be the recipient of this giveaway! They're 3 & 5 so they're small enough to fit in this seat! They're the natural choice since they're the smallest members of the family!

    2. I'm interested in the chair because my brother and sister usually just sit on the floor to play toys with the bed pillows piled up around them (which isn't very good for the pillows since they sleep on them at night.)

    3. My sister and brother should be chosen because they're so cute and well behaved. (And they're fabulous dancers when the radio comes on - so they need a place to plop down afterward.)

  12. 1. My grandchildren would be the happy recipients of this adorable Happy Plop. Why? This is much needed to save grandma's poor legs from all the plopping down that they do on me. They would have something fun to plop down on and I would be happy!

    2. I'm interested in having this in my living room for everything babies and children. For reading,watching tv,snack time and all around fun.

    3. I should win because you would be saving my poor legs from 9 plopping little ones. OUCH!!!

  13. 1. My daughter would be the one to enjoy the Happy Plop :) Though I'm sure her cat would think he was the intended recipient

    2. The "Organic Splash" Happy Plop is the same fabric as my daughter's quilt in her bedroom. It would work PERFECTLY! Plus I love that it is organic fabric. You don't find many beanbags (or should I say cotton bags) that offer that! I'm also a photographer, so this would be awesome for headshots of babies.

    3. My daughter likes to take naps on the floor in her room for some reason. This would be a perfect "bed" for her to nap on. I'm sure her kitty would think so too. I also love that it matches her quilt and wall mural. It took me 6 months to find matching bedding for this huge whimsical fairy mural we made. I've been in the designing mode for the past week, and this would be the perfect addition to complete her room.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. 1.If I win the happy plop it will be for my son because he is still using his boppy for a head rest when he naps on his pallet in the afternoon. it would be good for him to have the happy plop because he would have full support instead of just neck support.
    2. I am interested in the happy plop because it is all organic and does not have any harmful materials in it.
    3. I would like to win the happy plop so my little man can be comfortable during naps. im not very creative sorry

    vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  15. I would love to win this for my son because he likes to have his own special places and chairs. I am interested in the Outdoors Plop because we go fishing a lot. I want to win because I had a beanbag chair growing up and I loved it!

    My granddaughters would get to put that Happy Plop in their playroom in the basement. I'm interested because I think it is a better way to play with the toys on the floor since the girls could lay belly down on it and play with their little people sets. I should win since the girls would get tons of use out of it.

  17. If I won my son would get the happy plop. When I grew up we always had a beanbag chair and my siblings and I would fight over it. I know my son would adore this one. He would be so excited to have his own special chair to lounge on. I should win because it would make my sons day and to see the smile on his face when he gets this special present in the mail would be priceless.

  18. Once upon a time, there was a 2-year-old named Sarina. She was the most beautiful and brilliant 2-year-old in all the land, as declared by her mother, who is not in the least bit biased. This little fabulous tot had many things, but what she did not have was a luxurious beanbag by Happy Plop.

    Because of this lack of Happy Plopping, Sarina often found herself attempting to sit in things that are far less comfortable, including laundry baskets, a United States Postal Service box, and a wicker basket. (No joke.)

    "If only I had a soft and decorative round object of my own to plop upon," Sarina thought. "My life would be so improved. Particularly if it were pink, as pink is of great appeal to me." (I told you she was brilliant.)

    Sarina's mother-- quite lovely in her own right, you know-- once tried to remedy this by purchasing a little foam couch for her beloved daughter. However, it was lost in the dread Potty Training Conflict of May 2009, wherein an accident of monstrous proportions claimed victory, and the couch was given a proper burial in the Dumpster.

    If Sarina were to win this monumentally awesome cottonball beanbag of wonderfulness, she would use it to further her plight to save the world from Swiper the Fox ("Swiper, no swiping!"). So you see, it's really in your best interest to award her with the chair of fantasticness.

    I hope you will agree. The world is counting on you.

  19. We recently found out that my 4 yr old son has a form of autism called Asperger's syndrome.

    Prior to this diagnosis we were already seeing a developmental specialist and a child psychiatrist to help us with some of my sons behavior and emotional issues. Since the diagnosis we have been studying up and have been going through the trying process of getting services via the DOE.

    Now we know the cause of his behavior issues and we are begining to learn how we can help him to respond better to things around him.

    Recently one of the Autism specialists talked to us about our son's sensory issues. He likes hard tight hugs VS soft hugs or pats. The specialist suggested a bean bag chair for him. Saying that the enveloping feeling of a beanbag chair could be very comforting for our son.

    So, I stumble accross your awesome giveaway and it seems a perfect solution for us! Hopefully we will win! Even if we don't win, I thank you for introducing us to this company. The "regular" vinyl/PVC covered beanbags would not work for us. And these are cute too! How great is that? Thank you!

  20. 1) My son would be the lucky recipient
    2) My son has taken to climbing and jumping and I think he would love to jump in to this...and I would love him to have a soft place to land.
    3) My son deserves to win because he's the most amazing little person and I want him to be happy, and I think this would make him happy. :)

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  21. If I win, my little on would be the recipient because she is 14 months and would love it! Plus, if it is at our house, her two cousins that come play often would love it too!! (18m and 5yrs)

    Well- first I am interested in one for my duaghter because she is just learning how to sit on something- so she wants to climb in her chairs, sit and then step down :), Too many tumbles. This would be so much fun for her- not only to sit in but to snuggle, drag and 'Plop'.

    My daughter should be the winner because she is SO cute and adorable and would love to have this fun new addition!!
    I have seriously thought of getting her one of those soft dog-beds- but afraid of what people would think!!

    (Although it is hard to follow the creative story above!)

  22. My little ones would be the ones using this, although I think my 3 year old daughter would then use it for her dolls. (She likes to spoil them). :)

    I love the cotton balls in the "bean"bag! It's one of those "duh, why didn't I think of that" kind of inventions. I've grown irritated with the regular bean bags that keep losing their fluff, but this sounds great!

    I should be the winner because I have 3 kids (oldest is 3 1/2, youngest is 10 months) that I know will all use it throughout the years, so it will get a lot of love!

  23. If i were to win my 2 little nieces Hadlee (3) & Kamree (6 months )would be getting it!! My sister has 5 girls & their dad has been out of a job for a couple months so this would definitely make all the girls smile!!!

    What makes me interested in the "Happy Plop"? I think the name speaks for itself!! All the kids will be happy just plopping down on this great invention!! I love love love it! Such a fun idea...and full of cotton balls? How cute is that!!

    I should be the winner cause i have 5 little nieces who i love more than the world & there is nothing i enjoy more than seeing them smile!

  24. sorry.... :) My email is

  25. My son (3 years old) would be the lucky winner of this Plop.

    I know he would love the Plop because I know he would love a quiet, comfy little spot all his own to read his books each day to unwind.

    My little guy should win because I run a home daycare and things can get a bit crazy around here. He spends all day sharing his toys, his books, and his puzzles -- as well as sharing his Mommy with a whole bunch of other kids. He deserves a Happy Plop because he is such a generous little guy with his toys (and his Mommy) -- he needs a spot all his own that he doesn't have to share!

  26. My 1 year old son would be the winner of the Plop beanbag. He loves pillows and chairs that he can sit on that are his size but we only have 2 floor pillows like that. He would LOVE the beanbag and sit in it all the time. I would really love to be able to win it for him. My son and I should be the winner because we are transitioning his room into a toddler room and this would be a perfect addition to it. It would be really nice to be able to have something new for him since we are due soon with our second son and our first son keeps seeing new stuff come in the house that isn't for him.


  27. My daughter Ella {2 1/2 years old} would be the recipent of the Happy Plop! Currently she doesn't own her own chair in our tv room and we only have two chairs so that means one of us sits on the floor...this would be perfect for our family of three!

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  28. I am interested in the Happy Plop because I have never seen a bean bag before that is intended especially for Children.

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  29. I believe I should be the winner of the Happy Plop because I love cute unique items to put in my home. I love items that are comfortable, colorful, and something my daughter would use...and this is definitely something that is comfortable, colorful, and definitely something my daughter would use!

    "An Ode to Happy Plop!"

    Happy Plop you are the best
    My daughter would sit on you for a rest
    You are comfortable, cushy and bright
    to win this I am rhyming with all of my might!
    So think about us, this really would be neat
    to own a Happy Plop would be the greatest treat!

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  30. I would love to win this for my daughter, who loves to read, so that she could have a comfy reading spot! I think that the Happy Plop would be more comfortable for her that our old couch.... Thank you very much for your generosity!

  31. Once upon a time there was a little boy named Cole. His mommy wanted to win him a Happy Plop! She knew he would love to sit in it to read and watch his cartoons! So the mommy entered the giveaway and WON! Cole was so excited for his new Happy Plop that he gave his mommy a great big hug and plopped right down! THE END

    I should win because it would make my son so excited! To See that excitement on his face would be awesome!

  32. We have just one granddaughter, our little toddler Gianna. If I should win, it will go to her because my husband and I love to get down to her level and read to her, blow bubbles with her, watch tv with her, and play with her little Boston Terrier. This Happy Plop would lte us do just that....happily plop her down next to us wheil we played together!

  33. What makes me interested in winning this is because I have not seen a product like it, and with my aging back, it would be so nice to have here in my home for when our little granddaughter visits. It would elevate her just a bit, making it easier for us to play with her, but most especially, to read to her.


    Wow, I am really humble, so saying why I should be the winner is a bit tough. Suffice it to say, that I can guarantee tremendous happiness, excitement, and enthuisasm should I be chosen the winner, and I'll be sure to tell everyone all about the Happy Plop!

  35. If I won this would be for my son, Tristan.
    He loves to watch educational music shows, and this would be more comfortable for him to relax on. I think if you are comfortable in your learning environment, you do tend to retain information better.

    2.I like the fact that its designed with the toddler in mind.

    3. I should win this for my son because he doesn't have a chair/rocker or anything, and this would be a great treat for him.

  36. This would be for my two girls. They would love the Happy Plop because they love to sit and watch TV, but I'm sure they are tired of sitting on the floor! I would love to win this for them because they shouldn't have to sit on the floor! Thanks for the chance!

    jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

  37. I would give this Happy Plop to my daughter Lizzy. She turned 2 yesterday. We are pretty short on money right now because my husband is still in school, trying to get into pharmacy school, and I am a stay-at-home mom. Because of this, her birthday presents from us were pretty weak. But sweet girl that she is, she could have cared less that I got her presents at the dollar store. She loved the little purse that I got her there. She's the most darling little girl, and I would love to give her this Happy Plop. She would have so much fun with it.

    Lizzy has a lot of energy and loves to jump on the furniture (much to my dismay) so this would actually be a safe thing for her to jump on! I wouldn't have to worry about her getting hurt.

    I should be the winner because winning this contest is really the only thing that I can do to get a really nice present for Lizzy's birthday. She could care less about how much I spend on her, but sometimes I just want to be able to get something nice for her, and this would be absolutely perfect! Thanks for your consideration!!!


  38. 1. If I won the happy plop it would go to my children; I would love to make a reading corner in their bedroom and this would be the perfect place for them to plop! (I'm sure they will cart it everywhere though:))
    2. I am most interested in the happy plop because it could be a fun piece of furniture my kids would be drawn to, that I wouldn't have to worry about my kids leaning back in their chairs or falling!
    3. I should win the happy plop because my children could learn the value of sharing!! it would be put to good use too; going through all of my kids!

  39. If I won the Happy plop, my intention would be that it would go to my 3 year old daughter. However, I do have two cats so I'm sure they'd use it too. I'm interested in the Happy Plop because there are never enough seats in my house for all the wee kiddies when they come over to play, no matter how many I have. I should win tha Happy Plop because I guarantee it would be used absolutely positively every day by at least one child and/or animal!

  40. My niece's would adore plopping in the HappyPlop. They'd read books, flip, jump, drag, snuggle, nap, cry, laugh, eat snacks, create a doll house for their dolls, use it as a sled down the stairs all with their HappyPlop. You name it they'd probably have already done it with the HappyPlop. We are interested in it for it's comfort, yes, but most of all for it's unique ability to be anything the girls can imagine it to be. A boat, castle, mountain top, jungle, lions cave, birds nest and many other things.

  41. This would be for my daughter. This would be a great place for her and her little sister to cuddle up and get closer. They could read a book, jump around ar just fall asleep. I would love to get some good pictures of them snuggling together. I should win this because life is short and the it is the little moments that I would like to treasure.

  42. My prize would be shared by my younger family members, my grandsons and child visitors.
    I like that its made from other material then those of bean bags that end up leaking and leaving pellets all over, Its also got a mashine washable cover to keep it from germs, dirt and so much more.
    I would love to win it because it could be used to cuddle and make the children feel loved, comfortable and cuddled in softness, it could be used for travel to keep a child feeling that they still have a piece of home with them and so secure in a strange place.

    Thank you


    Thank you


  43. i would love to win this for my daughter carly. she had a little kids chair she used but it was metal and cloth and it pinched here finger she was so upset. so the other day she asked her daddy to put the unopened bag of dog food in the living room in front of the tv and she went and ended up falling asleep on it. we took so many pictures it was so cute. I would love to give this to her so she would have something comfy to relax on and watch tv that shes not afraid of thanks for the chance to win

  44. I'd love one for my son who's 5 months old. He hates bouncers or swings, etc. I usually plop him down on pillows or hold him while my husband and I eat dinner or watch TV. Happy Plop would be great so that he can be comfy & I can rest my poor arms!

  45. My 3 year old daughter would be the recipient of the Happpy Plop. I have always wanted to buy her a bean bag, but I didn't want to have to deal with the dangerous little pellets that they are stuffed with--I wouldn't want her or my cats ingesting them, and frankly, I wouldn't want to have to vacuum them up when they started seeping out! I think it's great that the Happy Plop is stuffed with cotton balls. I also think it's wonderful that it's machine washable! I don't recall ever seeing a machine washable bean bag. I don't know if I SHOULD win, but I know I would LOVE to win! I would love to see the excitement on my daughter's face when I presented her with her very own super-comfy Happy Plop to lounge in while I read her bedtime stories.

  46. My 2 year old nephew would be the recipient if the Happy Plop.My nephew loves to look at book, and it is very hard for him to get up on the couch and ba down. I am interested in the Happy Plop for my nephew because it has cotton balls in it and is safe. I have been wanting to buy my nephew a bean bag chair, but I was afraid that it would bust and my nephew loves putting things into his mouth. My nephew should win this because he loves just to sit in something soft while looking at tractor books, watching tv, or playing with his toys.

  47. This contest is great ! I loved reading these enteries. I really liked the one about Princess Sarina and her quest for comfort. Did you pick a winner for the chair yet? I would love to find out how this story ends.