Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comfort, Style, and Quality All Wrapped in to Two Little Shoes: Vincent Shoes {Review}

We love shoes in our house just about as much a we love clothes. And when I see awesome shoes like these I get so excited! I mean, what good is a great outfit without the proper shoes to complement it? I was offered a pair of Vincent Shoes of my choice to try out and review. After browsing around their site (several times!) I finally decided on this adorable pair of Bettys. It was an extremely tough choice as there are so many cute styles! Close seconds were the Oskar and Olivia styles. I love that the Oskar is a sandal, but is still very supportive and protective like a sneaker with a closed toe. And, despite its name, the Oskar sandals come in a variety of colors and would be perfect for boys or girls. I also love the more "open" sandal styling of the Olivia also with the benefit of a closed toe for added toe protection. But, nothing could beat the adorable, flower-adorned, leather mary janes called Betty. I instantly fell in love with the style, and I knew pink would perfectly match most everything in EG's wardrobe. They are available right now in purple and white (and right now they are on SALE along with several other pairs!). Another feature I knew I would love even before receiving the shoes is the rubber toe guard on the end. One thing that irritates me the most about a lot of shoes is that one fall on concrete is the kiss of death for the toes! Who doesn't think of these things when creating shoes for infants, toddlers, and kids? When they're still crawling, their toes rub the floor. When they're toddlers they're still "toddling" (hence the name :) and fall all the time. And we all know how much any kid runs, jumps, and plays and how that will inevitably end up with the occasional accident. Thus, the toe guard is definitely needed! After having chosen the pair of shoes to try, I was eagerly anticipating their arrival and trying them on EG.

I must say that I was immediately impressed with the look of the shoe, and the obvious attention to quality and detail.
It was easy to see that they were very well made, and the fact that they were adorable didn't hurt! We used the sizing guide on the Vincent website to figure the size we needed, and the shoes fit perfectly. EG seemed very comfortable in them. They are extremely supportive to her little feet and are perfect for wearing anywhere! The only place I wouldn't let her wear them is somewhere I thought they might get filthy (way too cute to mess up!).
Although, the leather on the shoe wipes clean very easily. EG has worn this pair of shoes more than any others she has, and I can't wait to try out another pair of Vincents when she outgrows these.
My favorite feature about the Bettys in particular (and several of their other styles) is that they have the rubber toe guard at the end. Though EG walks very well she still stumbles sometimes, and, when she's playing, the last thing she's concerned about is not messing up the toe of her shoes. The toe guard has prevented scratched up shoes and I love it! We will definitely purchase Vincent shoes in the future, and I invite you to take a look at them as well. They have supremely cute styles for boys and girls of all ages! I can't wait to see what they've got in store for Fall!

TO BUY: Click this link to check out all of the styles from Vincent Shoes, and shop to your heart's content!

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