Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Top Five Working "Momfinitions"

Okay, so Twitter Moms had another crazy fun contest that I just had to enter. This one is from Parents Connect and challenged moms to come up with their craziest Momfinitions, or mom definitions. I figured that since this blog is geared toward working moms that I would do my top five "working momfinitions". I hope you all enjoy, and you can see the Momfinitions article on ParentsConnect by clicking here! All of these totally apply to me as a working mom and I think you'll find that many apply to you as well. I encourage you to share your own Momfinitions with me as well! Enjoy!

1. Working Momory - noun: the amazing ability bestowed upon working moms that engages key memory items and allows working moms to somehow remember the ten thousand things that have to be taken with them each morning all while running out the door five minutes late

Ex. Luckily my working momory kicked in this morning when making sure I had everything ready for EG's first day of daycare.

2. The Pumpinator - noun: the superhero that nursing moms become when returning to work while trying to balance normal work activities and discreet, sometimes lightning fast, pumping sessions twice a day (or more) in their office, bathroom, classroom, etc.

Ex. Every day at 10 and 12 Mommy turns into The Pumpinator by locking the door, whisking out her equipment, and pumping like a mad woman so quickly that no one notices she is missing.

3. Five O'prayathon - noun: the marathon time between leaving work, picking up your child, running errands, getting home, and cooking dinner by 6:00...all while praying your child is in a happy mood and doesn't have a meltdown

Ex. On Wednesdays hubby helps me avoid the five o'prayathon by running errands himself.

4. Transcelation - the amazing feeling of elation you instantly have, that transcends any negative energy accumulated throughout the day, when picking your child up from daycare, etc. at the day's end

Ex. The transcelation I feel when seeing EG each afternoon makes everything worthwhile.

5. Check up call - noun: the call(s) made each day to childcare to check up on your child

Ex. Tammie knows to expect my daily check up calls around noon.

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