Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Timesaver Tuesday: Bag it up!

Today's timesaving tip is one that I try very hard to implement, and saves so much time when I actually do it!

A great way to save time in the morning, before going out, when packing lunches, etc. is to go ahead and divide up snacks, fruit, etc. into single servings so that you can just grab and go when you are headed out the door. I know I always carry a snack with me for EG to munch on in the car, while we are waiting in line, or shopping at the grocery store. It's so much easier when I can look in the cabinet, grab a snack, and run rather than finding a bag (which we are probably out of...lol), getting the Cheerios down, pouring some out (while trying to hold EG and not spill them!), and then heading out the door. So the next time you buy that container of Beech-Nut Yogurt Nibbles (EG's favorite!) or some other favorite snack, go ahead and make some "ready to go" snack bags. It will save you a little time and sanity when you need it!


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