Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slow Cooker Mate Giveaway at Ohana Mama Blog!

Since this blog is geared toward working moms, I just have to share the great giveaway going on at Ohana Mama Blog. Every working mom I know loves to use a slow cooker for its ease of use and convenience on busy week nights. Well, the folks over at Slow Cooker Mate have improved on your traditional slow cooker by making it with three chambers...one large chamber for the main course, and two smaller chambers for the sides. Genious! Now, we can cook a complete meal all at one time! I cannot think of a more perfect kitchen item for working moms. I definitely need one of these and thought you guys might too. If this is something you would love to have (and I know you would!), go over and check out the Slow Cooker Mate giveaway at Ohana Mama Blog. And hurry, because it's only a 48 hour giveaway!


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