Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Potty Party! Oh no!

Okay, I'm just not sure what else can go wrong! LOL. My "blogging computer" has crashed, so I resort to writing from my BlackBerry. Poo! So, instead of a great training pant review and giveaway (look for it tomorrow!) I will tell you a little about my potty training experience with EG. First, let me say that she is pretty well potty trained at 20 months, though I really think that's mostly of her own doing! She was ready I guess!

It all started when one of my husband's cousins gave EG a super cute Princess potty for Christmas (when she was 15 months)...she has been interested in using it ever since. We had been telling her for months when we changed her diaper that she had gone "pee pee" or whatever, and she knew that the toilet was the "potty". When we brought home her potty I guess she just understood what a potty was for based on what we had been telling her already. She actually used it that very first night, though I had no intention of actually training or anything for several months. I didn't want to discourage her though!! So that was how it started, and since then she has just used it more and more regularly. It started out very sporadic, but at about 17 months I could tell she was much more aware and we started taking her at regular intervals to go potty. It seemed like I would take her ALL THE TIME, but it paid off because she eventually started telling me when she needed to go. She pretty much tells me every time she needs to go now, though I am sure to remind her if it has been a while. She does great at daycare, and I always put her in waterproof cloth training pants (rather than pull ups). They have been a true lifesaver and contain those accidents that happen (about once a day now) throughout the day. I haven't really put much effort into night training and...confession time...she does wear a pull up at night. I figure she's still young and it's saving me some sanity not to worry about right now at the end of the school year. We'll tackle night training this summer!

So...as you can probably guess...no "potty training in a day" or magic miracles here. It's been a process of several months, but one that has worked well for us and has been fairly stress free. Pretty much the only stressful times are getting EG to sit on the potty and "go" when she doesn't want to, or when she is in the middle of playing. Other than that I've found it to be easier and less stressful than I thought!

Okay, my thumbs feel like they are going to fall off, so I'm going to stop for tonight! I'll share an awesome MOM Innovations Potty Patty/Potty Scotty training pant review and giveaway with you tomorrow, as well as some tips and tricks I've learned through the past few months. Stay tuned, and check out the other great giveaways going on right now!


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