Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mommy Works Potty Party 2009: Grab the button and join the party!

Looking for everything you might need to potty train your little one? Products to make potty training more fun AND successful? Then look no further! Throughout the next few weeks I am going to provide you with all of the latest products and information you will need to have success with potty training...and I do mean EVERYTHING! Look for great articles, reviews, and giveaways of potty training kits, wet bags, potty training pants, laundry detergent (for those accidents and cloth training pants!) and yes, you guessed it...a FABULOUS Potty Bench from Boon, Inc.! I am so excited about the Mommy Works Potty Party, and I hope that you will join in my excitement! We'll be kicking it off this Saturday, and I thought I would go ahead and make my first blog party button for this one since I have so many great items to share with you. I'd love it if you would grab my "Potty Party" button and put it on your blog. It will also gain you an extra entry into any of the giveaways (potty related or not!). Invite all your friends and join me right here starting Saturday. HAPPY TRAINING!