Friday, September 11, 2009

GAP Outlet Sale and Contest: High Fashion and Affordability

This picture is one of my favorite outfits EG has ever had in her wardrobe, in fact, I actually used it in another post talking about great fashion. The reason I mention it and posted again is because it came from Gap Outlet, one of my very stores for adorable clothing paired with fantastic prices! I speak from experience when I say that Gap clothes are meant to last, and you can see that they are precious. It is apparent that I am in love with clothes for EG, and it actually works out really nice that children grow so fast because I can buy clothes all the time...LOL. But, on a more serious note, it can definitely not be friendly on the wallet having to buy a new wardrobe every season. The way I plan for each season is to only shop sales and hit the outlet malls. Every awesome outlet mall I know has a Gap Outlet, and that's always my first stop. Truly. Another great tip for clothes shopping is that I sign up for the e-mail lists of all my favorite stores so that I can be first to know of any coupons or great sales they will have going on. I actually save a lot this way. Shopping for toddlers is so much fun and EG is at the age where she kind of enjoys it too. We'll go through a store and she loves to pick things up and say, "this cute Mommy". Adorable! I always go in with a budget in mind, and at stores like Gap Outlet you can really stretch your dollar a long way. Outlet stores not only have low prices to begin with, but also have great sales. A lot of times they are on current season items too. Ready to get shopping for your little one? Then Twittermoms has an awesome opportunity for you! Check out the contest information here, check out the Gap Outlet Semiannual Baby Sale with the new widget on my sidebar, and this link to Gap Outlet/Twittermoms for an extra 10%! So many great, easy ways to get your child's wardrobe started off right! Happy shopping!


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