Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!

I let you guys in on a little bit of the craziness going on a couple of weeks ago. I thought it had slowed down a little, but it seemed like more craziness just kept piling on. In fairness to my family I had to take a little bit of a blogging break for a couple weeks. It was just too much at the time. Luckily, things have actually settled down at work, home, etc. so that we are back to a somewhat normal life! LOL Which is not what the last several weeks have felt like, so that's awesome!

I will hopefully be back on a regular schedule now, and will continue the Disney reviews and giveaways until we actually get going on our trip the beginning of October. Yippee! A vacation is much needed about right...NOW! In addition to the Disney items continuing for the next few weeks I also have some adorable dance-related items in honor of EG starting dance this year. There are some really cute things including customized frames, funky leotards, monogrammed tap ties, and more! Starting after our trip, about mid October, I have some great fall fashions for little ones. You will not want to miss these adorable giveaways!

Finally, there are two giveaways scheduled to end today, but due to my blogging vacation I am going to extend these through the weekend. So...the Bella Love Boutique and McKenna Layne Designs giveaways will now end on Sunday, September 13. I have also made this change on both postings and the sidebar.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! I've really been thinking about ways to improve and excite you guys with my blog, and I am looking forward to sharing those with you in the coming weeks and months. I can't believe it's nearing 1 year, and I couldn't have done it without all of your support! Finally, thank you so much for your e-mails with your thoughts and prayers. It's just been a wild couple of months and I appreciate you hanging in there :)

Recent winners:

Head 2 Toe Designs - Candy

Lounge Pants - Vanessa

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