Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Versatile Wet Bag for Potty Training and Beyond {Review and Coupon Code}

If you have a little one - infant, toddler, or even a 'big kid' - then you can use this product from The Pat-a-cake Baby...I promise! Their wet bag is one of my very favorite things that I have been able to review so far! It's pretty much a waterproof, reusable, stylish, cute, washable, and infinitely useful replacement for the common plastic bag. These are excellent for potty training as you will always have a completely waterproof place to put those "accident" clothes and when you get home you can simply throw in the wash along with the clothes. It's even machine dryable! You will certainly be the envy of every mom out there when you show them this awesome bag. I'll let the creator of these super cute wet bags tell you a little more about them...

♥ Pull this out of your diaper bag and you are sure to be the envy of every mom out there! Our wet bags are made with a beautiful cotton outer and a waterproof ProCare interior. They come with a zippered top and are sewn with super durability in mind! NEW and IMPROVED with a handle that snaps! You can attach it to your stroller or anything else to keep you hands free! ♥Why do I need a wet bag? A wet bag is an essential for cloth diapering moms who need a waterproof bag for putting all those ickies when out and about. ♥ But I don't cloth diaper, does it have any use for me? YES and double YES! Ever had a baby blow out when grocery shopping and didn't have a place to put all that soiled clothing? A wet bag is the perfect place for all that soiled clothing and can be thrown in the wash with everything else when mom gets home! ♥ Planning on going to the beach this summer? A wet bag will hold those wet clothes, swimsuits, etc.! ♥ Gifts - These are perfect for any mama or child for any occassion! Each wet bag is tagged with our professional hang tag and garmet label. Gift wrapping available upon request.

After reading about these wet bags I knew I had to try them for my Potty Party! As you all well know, I love everything that can have multiple uses, and these definitely do.
I decided to go with the large wet bag because I knew I would be heading to the pool and the beach during the summer and wanted it to be big enough to carry our bathing suits and wet clothing. I was quite impressed with the size, even knowing the dimensions beforehand! I guess I just didn't realize how much could really fit in there! The large bag is 14.5" x 14.5" and the small bags are 9.5" x 9.5". They are advertised to hold 4-6 and 1-2 cloth diapers respectively, although I truly think those are pretty conservative numbers. We took our large wet bag with us to the beach last week and used it every day...and I mean every. On the days we went to the beach to lay out, play in the sand, etc. I folded it up and put it in my beach bag. It is extremely lightweight and can be folded up to be would easily fit in even the smallest bag. While we were out on the beach playing and getting some sun, I used the wet bag to put things in that I did not want to get sandy or wet, like my cell phone and video camera. After we had our fill of the beach for the day, I used the bag to contain our wet and sandy clothes. I didn't rinse them out, set them out to dry a little, or anything. I just threw them in the wet bag, zipped it up, and threw it in my beach bag. We had about a 40 minute drive back to the house each day, and each day the wet bag kept all of the water in and all of the other items in my beach bag completely dry. It really was totally waterproof! One day I even had to pour out some water that had collected in the bag! Just this use alone proved their worth to me for sure. But, of course, we also ended up using it in many other ways. On the days we went shopping I used it to hold EG's extra clothes and underwear in case we needed them. It was great because it gave me a way to keep everything together rather than throwing it in my diaper bag or the bottom basket on the stroller. And, if we had to end up using the spare clothes for whatever reason, the soiled or wet clothes we took off could go right in there without any worries about mess! Fabulous! The new, added snap on the strap was also an extremely useful feature adding to the quality and usefulness of these bags. I could easily snap it around the stroller handle or to the handle of a bigger bag to keep it super accessible. And, finally, having nothing to do with the usefulness of the product (but still definitely important!), these bags come in some of the cutest fabrics you will find anywhere. I chose the Juicy Jungle fabric and it is just adorable! I am certain that should you choose to purchase one of these wet bags, you will never ever regret it. You will be able to use it for years, and will think of new ways to put it to use all the time! Thank you to The Pat-a-cake Baby for such a great product! Want to see more from The Pat-a-cake Baby? Check out their other awesome products, and other "affordable luxuries for little ones", at their online store Baby Cottage Gifts. There you can check out other cool things too like super cute bibs, beautiful stroller blankets, and matching loveys. **You can also receive 15% off your order with the coupon code BABYLOVE** Go now and get one for yourself or a friend!

TO BUY: Go to The Pat-a-cake Baby's online boutique or Etsy shop to purchase. The large wet bags are $25 and the small wet bags are $18. What a deal! You can also use the coupon code BABYLOVE to receive 15% off your order at their boutique.

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  1. Man, I wish I had one of these earlier today! My 3yr old wet thru her shorts in the middle of Target. It was so bad that it was dripping all over the floor! To make matters worse I had forgotten to repack her spare clothing pouch so she had no extra clothes. Luckily, we were in Target and I found some great new shorts on sale for $2.80!! I changed her but then had nowhere to put the soiled undies and shorts...had to carry them around in a plastic Target bag! These wet bags would have been great!