Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Potty Party! The Original Pot-tee Prize Grab Bag Training System for Boys or Girls {Review and COUPON CODE}

My family has truly enjoyed the Pot-tee Prize Grab Bag training system! If you are looking for an all-inclusive, no hassle, ready-to-go kit for boys or girls, then this is the one for you. It includes everything, and I mean everything, that you need to begin potty training for your little one. Included in the kit are a sturdy canvas grab bag (pink or blue) full of silly little prizes (that kids adore!), stickers, a potty chart, a handy guide to potty training and using the system, and a completion "diploma" for your little one. Basically everything you need to make potty training a "positive and memorable experience" for you and your toddler. I can honestly say that is has made things easier at our house and, even now, EG looks for her "pize" after each successful "potty". If she doesn't want to go to the bathroom all I have to say is, "Do you want to get a prize for going potty?" and she immediately stops what she is doing and starts running to the potty screaming "pize, pize, pize...". We haven't even had a need to venture into the stickers and chart, as she is so thrilled with the "pizes". It is so cute, and we've had a fun time with the system!

At first EG was ready and willing to go potty any time we would ask her to. It was new and almost a fun thing for her. We would do the "potty dance" when she went potty and that was pretty much enough for her. After a while, though, the excitement of Mommy and Daddy going crazy over her using the potty kind of wore off. EG started fighting us when we would ask her to go, and we'd take her kicking and screaming at times. Of course if she didn't even want to go to the bathroom, and we would force her to go, that wasn't very "productive" if you know what I mean :) We needed a new plan that would keep EG interested in going to the potty by offering her a great reward each time (other than Mommy and Daddy's silly dancing and singing...which, although very much still a part of our routine, is not motivation enough in and of itself any more). The Pot-tee Prize Grab Bag is just the kind of thing we were looking for. Thanks Pot-tee Prize for such a cool product, and I LOVE that it has everything you need! The prizes are simple little things like bracelets, plastic animals, sunglasses (EG's most favorite "pize" ever, as evidenced by the pictures), etc. I will say that if you have a young toddler, you might want to go through them and weed out some that may be a choking hazard. We only had to take out a few, but it's definitely worth a mention. Finally, as we all know, the novelty of a new toy (or prize in this case) doesn't last very long with a toddler. They quickly move from one toy to another. Because of this, we have been using the same prizes since we started using the system several weeks ago. I'll find them around the house or in EG's toy box and "recycle" them by putting them back into the bag. When she picks them again she's just as excited as the first time, because she's forgotten they were ever in there. Awesome! I'll leave you with th info from Pot-tee Prize that kind of sums up the system in a nutshell:

"The Original Pot-Tee Prize Grab Bag gives you all the tools you’ll need to easily and effectively potty train your child in one convenient, cheerful package. Naturally, this critical step in your child’s early development can be stressful and time consuming. This Potty Training system adds structure to the potty training process creating a positive and memorable experience for you and your toddler boy or girl."

I really think that this is a well thought out system and that it provides a great method for positive reinforcement. If your toddler isn't thrilled by it, I'm not sure what would thrill them! If you'd like to try the system for yourself, simply click here visit the site and you can choose your boy or girl system for only $29.99. Also, Pot-tee Prize has provided the code "MWS" to receive a discount of $5 on your order! Happy training!


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