Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Bittersweet (but mostly SWEET) Year in Review

A year ago this week I was dreading the new year more than I have ever dreaded anything else in my life. I prayed that 2008 would never come. For, with 2008 came not only a new year, but my return to work. I had spent 4 wonderful months at home with my daughter and wanted nothing more than to stay home with her forever. She had started smiling and was really beginning to show her personality, it was the perfect time NOT to go back to work. But, unfortunately, the bills said otherwise and go back to work I did. The first day was miserable, the second not any better, and so on. They say it gets easier but I haven't found that to be my experience. I think a more accurate description would be that you get used to it. You eventually realize that it is something you have to do, crying doesn't help the situation, and you do it. I was, and am, a teacher so at least the work hours are good and holidays are excellent. That's what I kept reminding myself those first months back. If I had to work, this was the job to do. I had also been extremely lucky and blessed to find such a wonderful person to care for EG. I knew she was well taken care of during the day when I couldn't be there. Fast forward a bit...over the last year I have enjoyed many wonderful times with my family including our first trip to the beach, second trip to the beach, hundreds of little milestones, 11 new teeth, my three year anniversary with my husband, my first summer home with EG, EG's first birthday, a wonderful Christmas, and more wonderful things than this blog has room for! Its amazing how a year that started out so down has turned into the best year of my life! It's true that in many ways I am dreading going back to work next week in 2009, but I know there are many more good things in store for me next year as well. And, hey, this week marks one successful year back at work...I made it! Whew! 2009 here we come!