Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome to my new adventure!

Let’s face it, if you are a mom or know a mom, you know that ALL moms work. Some moms work full time raising their children, some work from home, some work part time, and some moms work full time outside of the home, like me. For my family, it was a very tough decision for me to continue working. Before having our daughter, we knew that in order to keep food on the table and our house, I would have to go back to work. However, once we had our beautiful little girl I wanted nothing more than to stay at home with her. We tried to work things out, but there was just no way I was able to stay at home. I provided for nearly half of our household income (luckily, I was able to stay at home for four wonderful months though before returning to work)! Fast forward to today…my husband and I have a beautiful 15 month old daughter who is the light and joy of our lives, I teach sixth grade at a local middle school, and my husband works as assistant controller for a local company. I wanted to create this blog to share my experience with being a working mommy and to, hopefully, offer any kind of guidance and support that I can to any mommy out there who is struggling with the decision to work or not to work. I know I needed, and still need, lots of encouragement from other working moms to keep it going each day. I’d still like to stay home with my daughter at some point but, for now…mommy works (outside of the home, that is). Welcome to the Mommy Works blog!


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