Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love The Little Gym!

I just have to take a moment to write about how much I am loving our new Mommy and Me (and Daddy too sometimes) class at The Little Gym.  EG and I previewed a class over the summer but never did enroll because of time conflicts.  A friend of mine convinced me to try again this semester and I am SO GLAD that we did!  Again, time was a little bit of an issue because EG's class, Birds (10-19 months), is offered during the day or at 8:30 AM on Saturdays.  There were no weekday evening classes, which I would have preferred.  But, I decided to do another trial class to see if I would really be able to do one at 8:30!  Well, we tried it and I couldn't help but sign up!  EG had so much fun climbing and running and jumping, etc.!  The gym was super clean and the staff is wonderful.  The classes are 45 minutes long (60 minutes for ages 3 and up) and start and end precisely on time.  For EG's age group they have an opening "circle time" kind of thing with bells, songs, and a new activity to try (i.e. jumping, donkey kick, etc.).  After that (about 15 minutes), they have some time to just play and explore in the gym (EG's favorite part!) and then learn the "skill of the week".  They can climb on anything they want, try out the balance beams, hang on the bars, run around on the big mat, etc.  The great thing is that the gym is set up a little differently each week so that there is always something new for them to do!  Yesterday was actually our first paid class and I am already so thrilled with the program.  There is a theme each week including new songs and a new "skill of the week".  This week's skill was a "pull over" on the bar.  The instructor demonstrates the skill and how to spot your child, and then you and your child can try it if your child wants to.  The environment is so low key and they don't force your child to do anything they don't want to do and don't mind if they just want to run around the whole time.  It's a great atmosphere and we will definitely be continuing classes there!

They have locations all around the country and add new ones all the time.  If you'd like to try a class in your area you can search on The Little Gym website for a location near you.  You will also be able to find a schedule and description of all the classes.  They have something for ages 10 months to 12 years including developmental gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, sports skills, karate, and camps.  All of this is offered in what they call a "non-rigid", non-competitive, kid-friendly environment.  Check it out in your area!  

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  1. Another working mom here popping in through Entrecard. Keep up the great work. Your blog is lovely!