Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Personalize Your "Cutey's" Room with Beautiful Decals from CuteyBaby {Review, Giveaway, and Coupon Code...WOW} **CLOSED**

Congratulations to the winner, Pam!

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I am so thrilled that Ada at CuteyBaby contacted me about hosting a review and giveaway of CuteyBaby decals! I just love decorating and changing things up around the house, but many times I don't do it because it just takes too much time (and effort...but that's another story...). Luckily with the CuteyBaby decals all I had to do was stick them up on the wall, and they were ready to go! No need to worry about measuring or finding the "perfect" spot either because I could simply peel them off and try again if I didn't like where I placed them. A little about CuteyBaby before I get in to how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE the decals:

"Ada Vaughan founded CuteyBaby in early 2009 in response to her own desire to bring more fun design to her daughter’s environment. Ada’s experience in graphic and interior design, combined with a new baby in 2007, made her keenly interested in children’s and baby’s rooms. She wanted to come up with an affordable and fast way to bring bold graphic design to the nursery. CuteyBaby Wall Decals are the result! For parents who want to be creative, but hesitate to paint a mural due to its permanence, Wall Decals are ideal. CuteyBaby has original designs that bring a fun, graphic, and modern look to your child’s room. Plus - you can remove and reuse them without damaging your walls or furniture."

I just cannot say anything negative about the CuteyBaby decals...truly! I was given the Bright Fairy set to try and had so much fun mixing and matching all of the different decals. The fairy set came with three large fairies and a TON of different flowers in all sizes and matching colors. The large flowers were separated into individual parts (i.e. stems, leaves, centers, etc.) for even more customization options! EG's room is pretty "wild" as far as colors and patterns go (solid dark brown bottom, white border with different polka dot patterns, matte/satin pink stripes on top), so I knew it might be difficult to find some decals to match her room exactly. I settled on the Bright Fairy decals because they were the closest match. When I first received the decals I was amazed at how many were actually included! The sheet was HUGE (12"x48" to be exact)! I was also amazed at how easy they were to use...literally just peel and stick (just make sure the wall you are applying them too is clean). The design I finally settled on for EG's room (for now anyway...we haven't even gotten into all of the flowers yet!) is what we call the "dancing fairies" I've positioned them together lined up with EG's border so that it looks like they are balancing on the border (see picture below). I think it's cute, and it definitely makes me smile when I go into her room. When I get a free second one day I'm going to add some more flowers and decorations from the decal sheet...there are just so many! Like I said before, EG's room already has a lot going on so too much more would be, well, too much. However, I definitely found a place for these decals on her wall and they have been up for a few weeks now. All of them have stayed in place great and I haven't had to re-apply them. Every now and then the ends will curl a little (I attribute some of that to our crazy Alabama weather), but they are super easy to smooth down. All in all, I think the decals are very well made, you get a kazillion for the price that you pay (so well worth it), and it's the easiest way I know of to decorate and spice up your little one's room. They get an A+ in my book!

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to completely change, liven, or spruce up your little one's room these are perfect! They are simple to use, high quality, can be mixed and matched in countless ways, are easy to change, are excellent for letting kids help decorate their room (without risk of permanent "decoration" to carpets, furniture, etc.), and are just plain practical. These would be particularly great for families who may be renting a home or living in an apartment where they are not allowed to paint the walls. No need to paint when you have enough decals to decorate an entire room! Like I said, there really is now "down side" to the CuteyBaby decals. Make your child's room as cute as your child already is! And, finally, since the time I received the Bright Fairy decals to try, CuteyBaby has come out with TONS of new decal sheets for you to choose from. My personal favorite are the Parisian Poodles (pictured above) that will be coming out next week. Check out CuteyBaby and pick the ones that you would love to have! Think you have a CuteyBaby who would love some decals for his or her room? Then see the details below for how you can win a set of decals, and even have them personalized with your child's name! If you enter the contest you will also automatically receive a 50% off coupon. You can't lose! Thanks so much to CuteyBaby for a great product and contest!

To win a decal set of your choosing (including name personalization) follow the contest guidelines below. Winner will be chosen at random after the contest period. I can't wait to see all of your CuteyBabies!!

CuteyBaby is putting together an online gallery of cute babies (and kids, too)! If you like decorating, this is the promo for you! Just for submitting a photo and comment, you'll get a coupon for 50% off wall decals - plus a chance to win a customized BIG sheet of wall decals for your child's room.

Every entrant will receive a coupon for 50% off a wall decal - good for a limited time.
One entrant - selected at random - will receive a sheet of wall decals ($60 value with shipping). The winner may have the decal sheet customized with their child's name, if desired.

In order to enter, you must do 2 things:

1. email a photo (jpeg) of your child to - include the child's first name and age in e-mail.
2. post a comment right here saying which CuteyBaby wall decal design you like best.

Note: submitting a photo grants CuteyBaby the right to publish photos on the website.

**Contest will run until June 17**

That's it! I can't wait to see all of your great photos and hear which decals you like the best!


  1. Seriously, I am THE. biggest. fan. of wall decals. I love the girly pirate set - would be a perfect compliment to my son's pirate nursery:

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  2. Love the Soft Fairy Girls - Illustrated Wall Decals. E-mailing a photo of my cutey now.

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  3. I like the Cherry Blossom Time! Wall Decals! Just emailed a pix of DD!

  4. I submitted a picture. I like, "feeling a little Dotty" thanks!

  5. I like the "feeling a little dotty" for boys.

  6. I like feeling a little dotty or the Big Work Trucks or the beach decals!! very hard to choose!

  7. I emailed a photo. I like the Beach Baby or maybe the lizards. Hmm maybe the dots... very hard to choose!

  8. i emailed the picture i really like the Modern Monkeys Wall Decals - Large thanks